Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Daily Links 10/01/2014

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And this is progress? Emirati company to build coal-based power plant | #Egypt @MadaMasr http://t.co/DiyBrBxBTa

Charge of ‘insulting judiciary’ given wide interpretation in Egyptian courts | #Egypt http://t.co/rvk2UM5YM7

Parliamentary elections by end of year: #Egypt PM - Ahram Online http://t.co/HJGTg47TVX

#Egypt court bans another Islamist party - Ahram Online http://t.co/rd6dbHAnCW

#Egypt's art museums: Out of sight, out of mind | @MadaMasr http://t.co/HLsvAo4UVH

Downtown street vendors ‘out of service’ - #Egypt http://t.co/4Njrs1wCpH

#Egypt's life expectancy increases by 3 years (2006-2014) - Ahram Online http://t.co/rV7hacfg9T

Egyptian pilgrim arrested in Mecca for ‘chanting against Arab rulers’ - #Egypt http://t.co/FlEIqfKHW7

Sekhemka statue sale: Northampton Museum faces new sanctions - Ancient #Egypt - Heritage - Ahram Online http://t.co/wT2arUReWp

Political groups banned from Al-Azhar campus - #Egypt - Ahram Online http://t.co/FQelKm89Ax

Monday, 29 September 2014

Daily Links 09/30/2014

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

Social solidarity minister stands firm on controversial NGO Law | #Egypt http://t.co/8oUjsRMAXS

Rights groups exhort gov't to combat sexual violence | #Egypt @MadaMasr http://t.co/kUMFGpScyO

#Egypt: Photojournalist held a year without charge | Amnesty International http://t.co/DWAT5j72cV

#Egypt, Turkey, UAE ensnarled in spat over Erdogan's anti-Sisi speech | @MadaMasr http://t.co/7y7IWNA869

'Draconian' doesn't quite seem to capture it. #Egypt court sentences 5 people to 15 years for breaking curfew http://t.co/C6amOOsx1Q

#Egypt's Al-Azhar University hopes for calm at student dorms this year - Ahram Online http://t.co/LhzkoEGmqw

Complaint filed against Bassem Youssef for insulting president | #Egypt @MadaMasr http://t.co/zgmSdgpuqN

Suggested amendments to university laws are severe violation of academic freedom: AFTE - #Egypt http://t.co/RYBGJDyqTk

#Egypt prosecutors to investigate excessive pay in public sector - Ahram Online http://t.co/ZFWyxFBXcu

Aswan flooded as water main bursts - #Egypt - Ahram Online http://t.co/uPvcwlKxIJ

#Egypt PM Mahlab blames 'gross negligence' for Cairo water cuts - Ahram Online http://t.co/mHE2rLM6hH