Thursday, 15 December 2016

For those interested in the history of the Butrusiyya Church, attacked in Cairo this past Sunday... #Egypt #Copts

Looking forward to reading Hazem Kandil on "Sisi's #Egypt"

An essential reflection on sectarian violence in #Egypt by one who knows the situation intimately #Copts

Aya Hijazi, held over 900 days in #Egypt, makes plea to Obama administration for help before Trump's inauguration

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

.@HebaAfify reports on the funeral for those massacred in church on Sunday: "it’s a military affair" #Egypt #Copts

RT @hackneylad: This, in the wake of the horrific Botroseyya Church attack in #Egypt, is essential - via @sedgate & @jadaliyya

My thoughts on #Egypt's state-run funeral for Copts massacred at the Butrusiyya Church this past Sunday

After state-run funeral, #Egypt activists organize own vigil to mourn victims of Cairo church bombing #Copts

Monday, 12 December 2016

To hold a funeral for Coptic martyrs littered everywhere with military men is a profound insult to those who died at Maspero. #Egypt #Copts

An #Egypt without its Coptic tradition would no longer be Egypt | #Copts

Thanks to @arablit for this light after day of darkness! Adel Esmat Wins Mahfouz Medal | #Egypt #Copts

My latest on what's happening in #Egypt at the moment, with thanks to @Jadaliyya...

.@HRW seems confused: Days after @kenroth ridicules #Copts on Twitter, @sarahleah1 calls on #Egypt to protect them

Thank you @egyptianstreets for memorializing the victims of the attack | #Egypt #Copts

Sunday, 11 December 2016

A few thoughts on the current predicament of #Egypt's #Copts:

Pope Tawadros faces a tremendous challenge: the very credibility of the Church as an institution will be at stake this week. #Egypt #Copts

Details about the library located inside the Botroseyya Church (attacked today) are available here... #Egypt #Copts

As close an attack to center of the Coptic Orthodox Church as has ever happened in modern #Egypt's history #Copts

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

US to impose import restrictions on #Egypt antiquities dating from 5200 B.C. through 1517 A.D.

For an Egyptian author, examining torture is her mission: profile of @basmabasabisso #Egypt (h/t @lissiejaquette)

Al Jazeera Film Critical of #Egypt Army Strains Ties with #Qatar Further

#Egypt, your wonders never cease: 'tough to know how many MPs voted for/against due to lack of electronic voting'

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Hoarding sugar in #Egypt? That can get you jailed via @stltoday

60 organisations call on #Egypt to allow NGOs to operate, in respect of int'l commitments to freedom of association

“Sound, Military Music, and Opera in #Egypt during the Rule of Mehmet Ali Pasha” by @adammestyan

RT @hackneylad: 1100+ days into his incarceration for the crime of journalism in #Egypt, photographer @ShawkanZeid honoured in NYC

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

#Egypt unearths city and cemetery over 7,000 years old - Reuters

#Egypt NGO bill threatens to “devastate” civil society, UN expert warns

CIHRS, @afteegypt issue report on increasing use of travel bans at #Egypt airports by authorities (cc: @CAF4MESA)

Authorities ban #Egypt rights defender @AidaSeif, founder of @elnadeem, from traveling | @MadaMasr

RT @jstacher: "The State is an Empty Skull" - Amazing read about #Egypt by @scottlong1980 -

Sunday, 20 November 2016

150 Nubians protest for second day on Abu Simbel-Aswan road in #Egypt; security forces refuse them entry to Toshka

#Egypt authorities besiege Nubian protest camp on Aswan-Abu Simbel Road via @madamasr

ANHRI reports #Egypt witnessing a third migration of political dissidents, like those of the 1950s and the 1970s

#Egypt court orders release of journalist Ismail Alexandrani after a year in detention via @ahramonline

Saturday, 19 November 2016

#Egypt's public transport workers: Dissidents across different regimes | @MadaMasr

Huh? #Egypt's Sisi: "Trump has shown deep and great understanding of what is taking place in the region"

No words... IS in #Egypt beheads Sinai clerics mistaken for priests

#Egypt authorities prevent Nubian protest from reaching Toshka for second time via @MadaMasr

CPJ condemns conviction of 3 leaders of #Egypt's Journalists' Syndicate today thanks @pressfreedom @sherifmnsour

Head of #Egypt's journalists' union and two colleagues sentenced to two years in prison for "harbouring fugitives"

Thursday, 17 November 2016

For days, hundreds of @AUC students have been marching through campus, demanding a cap on their tuition #Egypt

Port Said’s Boulevard center for music, arts, design, heritage activities, shut down by #Egypt authorities

A 50-year-old cart driver was tortured to death in the eastern Cairo district of Amereya this week by police #Egypt

#Egypt has pardoned 82 prisoners, including prominent Islamic studies researcher Islam el-Behery via @ahramonline

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Egyptians struggle as government imposes austerity #Egypt

NGO bill drafted by #Egypt parliament differs from government's bill; deliberations took place in complete secrecy

#Egypt court sentences policeman who killed man over cup of tea to life: rare punishment for police violence

#Egypt Is Cracking Down on NGOs When It Needs Them Most

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

#Egypt expects to receive $2.75bil in aid from the IMF as early as next week, part of $12bil loan package

Richard Jacquemond, "Un monde perdu? L'Égypte ancienne vue par les écrivains égyptiens" #Egypt #twitterstorians

Hanan Hammad, "Arwa Salih's The Premature: Gendering the History of the Egyptian Left" #Egypt #twitterstorians

#Egypt's pound weakened further on Tuesday, averaging 17.8 per US dollar in bank trades, a fall from 16.8 on Monday

Activists in Nubian village will start open strike to protest their village's inclusion in Toshka project | #Egypt

#Egypt admin. court rejects continuing gov't efforts to transfer strategic islands of Tiran, Sanafir to #Saudi

CPJ on the past week's (yes, *one* week's) #Egypt violations: censorship, arrest, court hearings via @pressfreedom

Sunday, 6 November 2016

A most interesting development... #Egypt's oil minister makes rare trip to Iran for oil talks after Saudi suspension

#Egypt governorates increase fares for vital transportation due to new fuel price hikes via @ahramonline

Newly floated #Egypt pound moves little: Banks uncertain about prospects for supply, demand of US dollars

#Egypt's electricity ministry reinserted clause in contract requiring dispute settlement by domestic arbitration

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Interbank trading of LE will resume Sunday at 10 am: first trading session without guidance from #Egypt central bank

The dean of Coptic community scholars just unleashed a trove of his work online: Don't miss it! #Egypt #Copts

Imbaba residents face sudden spike in transport, food prices, mainly because of increase in petrol costs | #Egypt

Al-Azhar professor suspended from post for 3 months, accused of promoting atheism | #Egypt @MadaMasr (cc: @CAF4MESA)

Hungry for dollars after float, #Egypt banks offer market rates by @EricKnecht for @Reuters

Gunmen opened fire on #Egypt Brig. Gen. Hesham Mahmoud Abualazm from a moving car in Arish city, North Sinai

Thursday, 3 November 2016

#Egypt's NGO Law: Closing Down a Once-Vibrant Civil Society by @amiramikhail

Q&A on #Egypt's currency devaluation, from @MadaMasr

#Egypt traders say sugar crisis self-inflicted: result of state takeover of reserves, distribution earlier in year

A well-known genre of #Egypt journalism: Thank heaven for foreigners who eschew cruel, brutal instincts of locals

#Egypt's pound devaluation is certain to cause a steep hike in prices

#Egypt free floats the pound and raises lending rates: Stocks jumped the most in eight years, pound slumped

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Lest we forget... November 3, 1956 #Egypt #SuezWar #TripartiteAggression

You won't find a better social history of modern #Egypt in print. Here it's selling for only $20 #twitterstorians

Sisi says military economy is 1.5% of #Egypt's GDP, but how accurate is this? | @MadaMasr

Amnesty International to #Egypt: Lift abusive and arbitrary travel bans

Prominent #Egypt Rights Lawyer Malek Adly Banned From Travel

Reporters Without Borders labels Sisi a 'press freedom predator' | @MadaMasr #Egypt

Stéphane Lacroix on "#Egypt’s Pragmatic Salafis: The Politics of Hizb al-Nour"

#Egypt’s supply ministry increases price of subsidised sugar by 40% (to 7 LE per kg) amid supply shortage

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Is the writing on the wall? #Egypt's army to distribute 8 million food boxes nationwide at half market price

Worth watching: #Egypt's parliament and government clash over Equal Citizenship Law

ElBaradei’s statement breaks three years of silence on post-June 30 violence | #Egypt

#Egypt currency traders were buying dollars on Monday for 17.5-17.85 LE, selling them to importers for 18-18.2 LE

In #Egypt, fears grow for Ain Shams student dragged away from metro station, shortly before police raided his home

‘We Don’t Owe Anyone’: #Egypt Jousts With Its Chief Benefactor, #Saudi Arabia

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Had occasion to look back at my essays from three, four, five years ago... Can't help but wonder: How long will #Egypt's Thermidor last?

#Egypt appeals court upholds life sentence for Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie

Giulio Regeni murder is an "open wound" for Italy, says Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni | #Egypt via @Reuters

He doth protest too much, methinks #Egypt

#Egypt’s pound dropped to 16.11 per dollar in black market, extending declines over past month to 19 percent

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Tea Drinkers Forfeit Sugar in #Egypt Amid Currency Shortage by @S_Elwardany

#Egypt authorities confiscate sugar at country's largest food producer - Reuters

What a strange list: As a general rule, I'd say spouses of dictators don't deserve the label "trailblazing" #Egypt

#Egypt Army Officer Killed Outside Home, Militant Group Suspected