Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The Met Digitally Restores Colors of Ancient #Egypt Temple, Using Projection Mapping Technology via @openculture

Swedish archaeologists unearth 3,400-year-old necropolis in Aswan | Ancient #Egypt via @madamasr

#Egypt's Social Democratic Party says Geneina's dismissal entrenches 'fascism' via @ahramonline

Crash course in #Egypt cinema: Cinematology episode 1 via @madamasr

As @CAF4MESA writes to @JohnKerry: Providing aid to #Egypt while it prosecutes rights activists is unacceptable

‘There is No Shame in Fear': Confronting Surveillance in Post-Revolution #Egypt via @RamyRaoof

The legendary bookseller of Cairo, by @RaphaelCormack | #Egypt

Why is US government still providing aid to #Egypt in the midst of fierce crackdown on Egyptian NGOs? | @CAF4MESA

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Vital letter to John Kerry from @CAF4MESA: Reconsider US aid to #Egypt after crackdown on Egyptian NGOs | @MESA_1966

#Egypt: As dollar crosses LE10 on black market, official rate steady via @madamasr

#Egypt forces 32 judges who opposed removal of Morsi to retire

Parents of slain student Giulio Regeni question #Egypt's Interior Ministry claims via @madamasr

Regeni family demands 'strong response' from Rome if case not solved | #Egypt via @ahramonline

Solidarity from #Egypt's Feminist Organizations Coalition with Nazra for Feminist Studies via @nazraegypt

Monday, 28 March 2016

43 Organizations Around the World Condemn the Escalating Measures against Mozn Hassan | #Egypt via @nazraegypt

Surveillance cameras come to Cairo with varied purposes for different government bodies | #Egypt via @madamasr

#Egypt's Sisi sacks top auditor who alleged mass state corruption

#Egypt court bans demolition of churches | #Copts via @ahramonline

Latest @CAF4MESA letter to #Egypt's president, this time protesting the prosecution of NGO researchers | @MESA_1966

Sprawling Mural Pays Homage to Cairo’s Garbage Collectors | #Egypt

#Egypt pound weakens to record against the dollar on black market via @ahramonline

Friday, 25 March 2016

Italy doubts #Egypt's claim that gang linked to student death

Giulio Regeni: #Egypt's claim Italian killed by gang 'implausible'

Italian investigators: Regeni case far from closed after #Egypt's MOI makes links to dead gang members via @madamasr

Teen who challenged torture in #Egypt released after more than two years

Blasphemy cases rise in #Egypt and Coptic Christians bear the brunt, by @mokhbersahafi | #Copts

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

CPJ joins call for #Egypt to end its persecution of journalists, civil society leaders via @pressfreedom

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein urges #Egypt to halt repression of NGOs

'Erase and I will draw again': the struggle behind Cairo's revolutionary graffiti wall, by @miajankowicz | #Egypt

#Egypt: Unprecedented crackdown on NGOs

#Egypt prosecution appeals decision to release torture T-shirt detainee via @madamasr

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

#Egypt's Suez Canal revenues decline for third consecutive month via @ahramonline

#Egypt: @EIPR condemns 5-year prison sentence for children on blasphemy; 12 defendants convicted since Jan. '15

#Egypt: Student imprisoned for wearing anti-torture T-shirt hours away from release

#Egypt close to 1 billion euro French arms purchases - paper

#Egypt: @EIPR's backgrounder on Case No. 173, the “foreign funding case”

Monday, 21 March 2016

In #Egypt, rice supplies dwindle, prices rise despite production surplus via @madamasr

#Egypt court issues final verdict banning Al-Jazeera Mubasher Misr via @ahramonline

#Egypt signs 5-year oil agreement with #Saudi Arabia: $20 billion worth of petroleum products pledged

In #Egypt, 15 'pro-Morsi' judges retired for engaging in politics via @ahramonline

In #Egypt, judge imposes gag order on NGO foreign funding case via @madamasr

Lobbying Shop That Works for #Egypt Has Close Ties to Clintons

In #Egypt, ElBaradei removed from Nobel winners list in primary-school books via @egyindependent

A visit to #Syria in #Egypt's 6th of October City via @ahramonline

#Egypt Has Sentenced This Teenager To Eight Years In Prison For Posting On Facebook via @magedatef75

#Egypt’s parliament crushes Nubian right of return to ancestral lands

In #Egypt, doctors in private clinics join push for affordable healthcare via @madamasr

Sunday, 20 March 2016

#Egypt's Nazra for Feminist Studies summoned for investigation in re-opened NGO case via @madamasr

#Saudi offers US$1.5 billion to fund #Egypt's Sinai projects

#Egypt MPs call for ban on foreign funding of NGOs, hitting back at Kerry comments via @ahramonline

Official Interrogation of Nazra for Feminist Studies in the "Foreign Funding Case" | #Egypt via @nazraegypt

Saturday, 19 March 2016

On doctors day, medical school graduates are not happy | #Egypt via @madamasr

Many #Egypt pilgrims killed in #Saudi Arabia bus crash

#Egypt court won't listen to argument Salafist Nour Party unconstitutional via @ahramonline

#Egypt court orders conditional release of ten pro-Brotherhood Islamist figures via @ahramonline

#Egypt's Interior Ministry versus police clubs via @madamasr

#Egypt court upholds 6-month sentence for activists Ahmed Douma, Mohamed Adel via @ahramonline

#Egypt court adjourns trial of rights activists in 2011 illegal funding case via @ahramonline

Killing of Italian Student, Giulio Regeni, Puts Focus on #Egypt’s Stability

Thursday, 17 March 2016

How the discovery in King Tut’s tomb could change the history of ancient #Egypt via @madamasr

#Egypt monk turns himself in to authorities in monastery dispute case | #Copts via @ahramonline

Radar survey suggests 90 percent chance another tomb behind Tutankhamun's burial chamber | Ancient #Egypt

#Egypt court freezes assets of four rights activists in 2011 illegal funding case via @ahramonline

Hidden rooms at tomb of Tutankhamun raise hopes of new treasures | Ancient #Egypt

In #Egypt, 2011 NGO case reopened against Hossam Bahgat, Gamal Eid and others via @madamasr

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Statues discovered in Amenhotep III temple on Luxor's west bank | Ancient #Egypt via @ahramonline

In #Egypt, Endowments Ministry employees protest against low wages, financial losses via @madamasr

#Egypt offering $1.5 bln at auction to 'eradicate' black market: CBE governor Tarek Amer via @ahramonline

Italian prosecutor arrives in Cairo, #Egypt hands over full case file on Regeni murder via @madamasr

Cancerous Bread Scare Entangles #Egypt's Effort to End Wheat Spat

How #Egypt's wheat reforms went bad

Anatomy of an election | #Egypt via @madamasr

Monday, 14 March 2016

#Egypt: Reverse Blasphemy Sentences Against Christian Children | #Copts

After 3 years in prison, Coptic teacher acquitted of insulting Islam | #Egypt #Copts via @madamasr

'The last song': Cairokee music video denounces #Egypt's culture of fear via @ahramonline

The story of cities, part 1: how Alexandria laid foundations for the modern world, by @hackneylad | #Egypt

Hope without Illusion: Ten Signs of Change in #Egypt

#Egypt's Central Bank devalues pound to LE8.85 per dollar via @madamasr

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Why did #Egypt's Prime Minister ask Justice Minister Ahmed al-Zend to resign? via @madamasr

Thanks @WinegarJessica for important op-ed: US Must Stop Supporting Human Rights Violations in #Egypt via @truthout

#Egypt's justice minister fired following comments on 'imprisoning prophet' via @ahramonline

#Egypt's justice minister: Reconciliation deal with fugitive tycoon Hussein Salem via @madamasr

The #Egypt Economic Development Conference one year later: Some progress, but most promises unmet via @madamasr

Thursday, 10 March 2016

#Egypt's nominee Ahmed Aboul-Gheit voted new Arab League Secretary-General via @ahramonline

European parliament condemns killing of Giulio Regeni in #Egypt

Sixteen Egyptian Rights Groups Write to the High Commissioner on the Human Rights Situation in #Egypt | @EIPR

EU Parliament passes resolution to suspend military cooperation with #Egypt following Regeni's murder via @madamasr

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Students call for general assembly on fate of dissolved Egyptian Student Union | #Egypt via @madamasr

#Egypt Said to Seek IMF Loan Talks Amid Dollar Shortage

“Cruelty and insult”: A photojournalist’s letter from an #Egypt jail

European Parliament to vote on torture resolution over Italian's death in #Egypt

Dollar shortage hitting Egyptians from all walks of life: Major business concern affecting ordinary people | #Egypt

554 cases of banned entry, travel bans in #Egypt since 2011 via @madamasr

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

#Egypt lawyer representing cases of forced disappearances reported missing via @madamasr

#Egypt's Central Bank ends foreign currency caps on individuals via @ahramonline

Travel company Thomas Cook cancels #Egypt holidays | Nottingham Post via @Nottingham_Post

#Egypt nominates Mubarak-era foreign minister for Arab League post via @madamasr

The growing doubts surrounding #Egypt's security apparatus by @jmaslin

#Egypt Running on Empty | @jstacher for @meriponline

A-Z of progress and setbacks for #Egypt's women this year via @madamasr

#Egypt's women make up less than quarter of workforce via @ahramonline

Sisi says #Egypt won't intervene militarily in #Libya via @ahramonline

In #Egypt, new wave of public sector labor strikes from Alexandria to Aswan via @madamasr

Why did #Egypt security see Giulio Regeni as a threat?

Court Finally Releases Reasoning Behind Novelist Ahmed Naji’s Prison Sentence | #Egypt via @arablit

Giulio Regeni: Scattered Facts | #Egypt

For the women of #Egypt, today is not like yesterday via @madamasr

Monday, 7 March 2016

Coptic church proposes law to allow divorce in cases of desertion | #Egypt #Copts via @madamasr

Reem Saad discusses #Egypt's "Akhlaquna" (Our Morals) campaign via @madamasr

18th- and 19th-century #Egypt archaeological documents accidentally found via @ahramonline

Prominent #Egypt reformist judge Zakaria Abdel-Aziz forced into retirement via @ahramonline

#Egypt tourism declines 46 percent in January as Russians stay away via @madamasr

This Is What Life Is Like For Egyptians Caught In A War | #Egypt via @magedatef75

What about human rights? UK ambassador to #Egypt criticised over agenda for MPs' visit

Thursday, 3 March 2016

In photos: #Egypt's historic railway museum back on track via @ahramonline

Yehia Kalash, veteran journalist and head of #Egypt's press syndicate, says press freedom not for journalists alone

Two police officers in custody after assaulting Alexandria doctor | #Egypt via @egyindependent

Expelled #Egypt MP Okasha takes his Al-Faraeen TV channel off air, plans to sell via @ahramonline

#Egypt sees 46% drop in tourism in January year-on-year via @ahramonline

In #Egypt, Alexandria military court issues sentences against 16 civilians, including 7 executions via @madamasr

#Egypt actress Mirhan Hussein accuses police of assault, harassment via @madamasr

Former US ambassador Francis Ricciardone named new #AUC president | #Egypt via @madamasr

Cairo: A Museum of Ghosts | #Egypt

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Wife of jailed #Egypt journalist joins syndicate sit-in in 'never worn wedding dress' via @ahramonline

Robot camera discovers old Islamic structures beneath Al-Sultan Hassan Mosque in Cairo | #Egypt via @ahramonline

Bureaucrat and old fungus law hold #Egypt's wheat supplies hostage

#Egypt's parliament revoked the parliamentary membership of MP and high-profile TV anchor Tawfik Okasha

#Egypt appears to be finalizing a deal to buy 46 MiG-29 fighters, worth $US2 billion

In Islamic State battle, Cairo struggles to rally Sinai tribes | #Egypt

Torture, Murders Stoke Tension in #Egypt

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

#Egypt's Interior Ministry allows detained journalists medical treatment after press syndicate sit-in via @madamasr

#Egypt’s Doctors Syndicate summons health minister for disciplinary action via @ahramonline

#Egypt journalists continue sit-in in solidarity with jailed colleagues via @ahramonline

Giulio Regeni: Italian energy firm backs #Egypt's inquiry into researcher's death

Don't miss Candace Lukasik​'s "Conquest of Paradise: Secular Binds & Coptic Political Mobilization" | #Egypt #Copts

Exclusive: Italian killed in #Egypt was interrogated for days - forensics expert