Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Daily Links 07/01/2015

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#Egypt arrests suspect over chief prosecutor assassination http://t.co/QZASRsYNzw

#Egypt police arrest 20 MB members: Described as “preemptive strike” against middle generation in organisation http://t.co/wFf0SclkcB

Car bomb kills 3 near police station in #Egypt's 6 October City http://t.co/yUCmD5yQaT

Whoa. #Egypt's Sisi to rename Rabaa Square after slain Barakat http://t.co/JrvHNYbUil

Project aims to renovate the beauty of Alexandria’s buildings - #Egypt http://t.co/192dKBSs5q

Tamarod after the rebellion: Can the popular campaign achieve success in formal politics? | #Egypt http://t.co/wUrKha4Vm0

#Egypt president 'to change law to allow faster executions' http://t.co/8ovVDuPimm

Art Alert: Coptic and Sufi Music merge at Makan - Music - #Egypt #Copts http://t.co/VWpe3l75Xh

#Egypt's Sisi warns of new crackdown against domestic 'enemies' - LA Times http://t.co/AC7L8WE9Po

Coptic Bishop Rafael has spoken again on homosexuality, after suggesting gay people 'need treatment' | #Copts #Egypt http://t.co/RgtAtnGD83

RT @FaridYFarid: Sexual harassment is rife in #Egypt but @harassmap's bold new campaign is trying to curb it. Here's my latest in @qz: http://t.co/h71FlRnhRQ

Monday, 29 June 2015

Daily Links 06/30/2015

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.