Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Egyptian media: Forget about the CNN "conspiracy" to disparage #Egypt. Our own diplomats shame us on the world stage https://t.co/ryBWvwoR9O

#Egypt court bans construction of party venues next to churches https://t.co/opgPewW3r5 via @ahramonline | #Copts

?!?!? #Egypt's Sisi tells Christian victim of sectarian attack ‘not to be angered’ https://t.co/RY2rVGEEmW via @ahramonline | #Copts

#Egypt FGM Doctor Should be Prosecuted for Lethal Injury, not Accidental Homicide https://t.co/X87hL5qka4 by @EIPR

RT @ayaelb: It's easy to get arrested in #Egypt's no-tolerance climate: In early may nearly 1,300 were detained https://t.co/dV3V7GqOdt

RT @seldeeb: Head of #Egypt's journalists union to stand trial (from @AP) in a new escalation by @SalmaShuk https://t.co/Uts1bYTK5w

#Egypt's Press Syndicate can't be broken, says chairman Yehia Kalash https://t.co/KOsNwLgPtg via @ahramonline

RT @hackneylad: 26 civilian workers at the Alexandria shipyards summoned by military prosecutors for instigating strikes #Egypt https://t.co/U0U2mVeK2P

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Head of #Egypt's press syndicate interrogated over ‘harboring’ wanted journalists https://t.co/NLXlbE3Qk1 via @TheCairoPost

BP Pursues #Egypt Oil Deals While Sponsoring Blockbuster Egypt Exhibition at British Museum https://t.co/hbEg6anH9K via @truthout

Minya bishop criticizes Al-Azhar initiative to tackle sectarianism | #Egypt #Copts https://t.co/fWHxCquQfH via @madamasr

#Egypt military court sentenced 8 to death in trial of 28 Morsi backers, accused of planning attacks on army, police https://t.co/tEgLMHG8B0

RT @hackneylad: UK government approved £84 million of arms sales to #Egypt last yr inc. assault weapons, sniper rifles & ammunition https://t.co/WRQiOcRyM6

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Restraint?! #Egypt's Pope Tawadros II calls for restraint after Minya sectarian attack against Christians https://t.co/0gVLNcpteF #Copts

#Egypt's cabinet approves $2.5 bln grant from #Saudi Arabia https://t.co/q7nGp2e7QG via @ahramonline

Apparently #Egypt is on sale to #Saudi Arabia... https://t.co/aJI8WL4LzD

#Egypt sectarianism: Coptic woman stripped naked, assaulted in Minya violence https://t.co/JehXFYEwUG #Copts @madamasr

Muslim mob attacks Christian homes in #Egypt's Minya https://t.co/vvlZf262Gy #Copts

#Egypt's war on NGOs continues... Head of CIHRS Mohamed Zarea banned from traveling https://t.co/zydhp4Gilq via @madamasr

#Egypt's Social Solidarity Ministry closes 75 NGOs, 121 childcare centers in Beheira https://t.co/qlFtuiRHUG via @madamasr

Coptic Orthodox Church confirms mob attack on woman in #Egypt village https://t.co/4vlxjVQOqc #Copts

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

#Egypt court overturns jail sentence for 47 Red Sea islands deal protesters https://t.co/WBOsQJ1clj via @ahramonline

Priorities, #Egypt, priorities... Members of satirical troupe receive another 15 days of detention https://t.co/WhGPFeaL8M via @madamasr

#Egypt stalls 2005 Black Wednesday case: protesters, journalists sexually assaulted by Mubarak supporters https://t.co/rR4jlj0p2P by @EIPR

EU: Halt arms transfers to #Egypt to stop fueling killings and torture https://t.co/udoBofPCVy

#Egypt detains then deports French journalist on arrival at Cairo airport https://t.co/sZTAA1bKbN via @madamasr

Saturday, 21 May 2016

"there is a feeling in #Egypt that we are suffering from too many, one after the other, crises and disasters" https://t.co/smyT43py4U

Striking point: Many of the Egyptians on #MS804 left families to seek work abroad amidst #Egypt's current crisis https://t.co/hnWD9akMPg

#EgyptAir Was Aware of Threats to Security, Including One Scribbled on Plane https://t.co/qGZA77KMY6 #Egypt #MS804

CBS News: #Egypt gov't source claims data recorders for #EgyptAir 804 located close to human remains, plane debris https://t.co/lj9jML3lFE

Shawkan to judge: I was arrested while doing my job | #Egypt https://t.co/4qUYTGWwfx via @TheCairoPost

'Grief is camped over this village' – #Egypt mourns the lost https://t.co/bTkAAllH8X #EgyptAir #MS804

Friday, 20 May 2016

#Egypt Press Syndicate General Assembly: No backing down until interior minister leaves https://t.co/gWZWnNuTOu via @madamasr

This is absolutely crazy. Coptic activist Mina Thabet accused of joining terrorist group | #Egypt #Copts https://t.co/ITmzzDEEWK

#Egypt's parliament to review draft law on building new churches | #Copts https://t.co/McZzPYsNLG via @madamasr

The Plane Crash Hits Home in #Egypt https://t.co/hbyuBbKhUu by @nancyayoussef for @thedailybeast | #MS804 #EgyptAir

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

According to Al-Ahram, #Egypt's Aviation Minister has cut short visit to Saudi Arabia to follow #MS804 situation. https://t.co/8IudKu9M7J

This Novelist’s Jailing Shows How Imagination Is Now Illegal In #Egypt https://t.co/ECyLnxcLNP via @o_tilli_a

Kerry Meets #Egypt’s Leader, and Where Are Reporters? Corralled at the Airport https://t.co/CQdTInSMcd

Nine #Egypt policemen face trial in assault on doctors in Cairo's Matariya https://t.co/GZuCfYMKFj via @ahramonline

#Egypt rights groups demand release of participants in island protests, condemn arrest of rights defenders https://t.co/rHsrkTVdFL @EIPR

Profile of Mohamed Nagy, #Egypt human rights defender https://t.co/tnxW0020MQ via @afteegypt

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

The US isn't making sure its military aid to #Egypt stays out of the wrong hands https://t.co/sNKZE3o3U5 by @aaschapiro

Understanding the latest developments in #Egypt’s protests https://t.co/JU8KeAGqgc by @tamerwageeh for @madamasr

Interview with lawyer Negad al-Borai on case against him, anti-torture draft law | #Egypt https://t.co/sRkWYz9Aho via @madamasr

Free Ahmed Naji: Today is an international blogging day on behalf of the imprisoned Egyptian writer https://t.co/wz2dt2Trte #Egypt

Monday, 16 May 2016

#Egypt Raises Prices of Locally Made Medicines by 20 Percent https://t.co/d0BMZ2La4S

Ali Abdeen, photographer covering protests in #Egypt, jailed for two years https://t.co/SoF0y62K3T via @pressfreedom

The Strange, Unending Limbo of #Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak https://t.co/1JuUy3HM7G

GAO Presents Damning Evidence That U.S. Ignores #Egypt Human Rights Abuses That Should Curtail $6.5B In Aid https://t.co/gzO45UPVVR

Realpolitik hinders hunt for killer of Italian researcher in #Egypt https://t.co/60rTPOBttU

Ahmed Naji: #Egypt, justice and fiction https://t.co/vTvoeiWzLX via @dwnews

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Aftermath of downtown Cairo fire: Anger, conspiracy theory and uncertainty | #Egypt https://t.co/SLhububEEk @ahramonline

The #PanamaPapers: What’s new on #Egypt, and why should you care? https://t.co/Zu7FHgeFJG by @HossamBahgat via @madamasr

#Egypt’s glaring rights violations once again in global spotlight https://t.co/LTCl3SzNPt via @AlMonitor

Wide Arrests in #Egypt Signal No-Tolerance Policy on Critics: In just last 3 weeks, lawyers say 1,300 were detained https://t.co/dWGvC4b5fI

#Egypt security detains, interrogates American journalist and worker in Mahalla https://t.co/peOiHposLN via @madamasr

Saturday, 7 May 2016

#Egypt court expels diplomats from hearing on Regeni adviser https://t.co/mrHJM8xQAK

In #Egypt, online satirist arrested for 'inciting protests,' 'insulting state' https://t.co/uosklsBazv via @ahramonline

#Egypt's Sisi claims Suez Canal revenue is increasing, but it depends on how you count it https://t.co/7W0m5vebyU via @madamasr

Lawyer’s Arrest in #Egypt Signals Determination to Quell Criticism https://t.co/2zaFJ1kBfG

#Egypt court gives six Morsi co-defendants preliminary death sentences in #Qatar espionage case https://t.co/M0CQBImVEm via @ahramonline

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

#Egypt journalists demand apology from presidency, removal of Interior Minister after syndicate raid https://t.co/sbCRhXJ4Dl via @madamasr

#Egypt's Press Syndicate to discuss strike if demands are not met https://t.co/DUiICTTSWz via @ahramonline

Life after #Egypt for Bassem Youssef: Deflect hecklers https://t.co/WrZ2uklbid

"Truth for Giulio," on the repression of academics and others in #Egypt https://t.co/0yacL54x0b (cc: @CAF4MESA)

#Egypt political forces condemn police for banning access to Press Syndicate https://t.co/YWRZANNF3g via @ahramonline

Deadlock in legislation regulating press freedom in #Egypt https://t.co/AxToAsaJSO via @madamasr

#Egypt's High Press Council urges end to 'siege' of journalists https://t.co/1nQkKvJViB via @ahramonline

#Egypt activist Sanaa Seif to turn herself in after court hands her 6-month sentence https://t.co/CjfUVDmTs7 via @madamasr

#Egypt’s Interior Ministry, in Error, Releases Memos on Restricting News Media https://t.co/wrFaGF2Lxy