Thursday, 28 April 2016

Egyptian killed in London takes center stage in local media | #Egypt via @madamasr

'Violations against journalists will not be tolerated,' says head of #Egypt's press syndicate - Politics - Egypt

Cairo prosecution refers 102 to court over Monday protests | #Egypt via @ahramonline

In @AlMonitor interview, #Egypt MP Salama Al-Roqie says displacing Sinai residents will worsen security situation

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

The Armed Forces and #Egypt's land via @madamasr

#Egypt journalists protest police harassment outside press syndicate's headquarters via @madamasr

Giulio Regeni's parents condemn arrest of activist in #Egypt

#Egypt campaigners say around 240 arrested over Monday protests via @ahramonline

#Egypt looks to avert water crisis driven by demand, waste

Laurie Brand and @jstacher explain why 2 islands more important to #Egypt gov't stability than billions in Gulf aid

Amnesty International condemns #Egypt's ‘ruthlessly efficient’ bid to block peaceful protest

#Egypt's Press Syndicate reports that seven Egyptian journalists remain in detention after Monday protest arrests

Monday, 25 April 2016

#Egypt's press syndicate accuses regime supporters of attempting to storm headquarters via @ahramonline

#Egypt's police are going after the journalists who linked them to Italian student’s murder via @vicenews

In Sinai’s Rafah, the war continues | #Egypt via @madamasr

Leading rights activist warns of unknown future for NGOs in #Egypt: @AlMonitor interviews @GamalEid

#Egypt police stifle plans for mass protest over islands, by @mokhbersahafi and @Brian_Rohan

U.S. shifts troops in the Sinai Peninsula after attacks by militants | #Egypt

#Egypt’s Security Agents Smother Streets of Cairo to Prevent Protests, by @kfahim

Committee to Protect Journalists: Scores of journalists harassed, detained amid #Egypt protests via @pressfreedom

Family of Giulio Regeni may consider suing #Egypt in an international court, Amnesty International said on Sunday

Sadat Metro station closes ahead of Monday islands protest | #Egypt via @TheCairoPost

Bad timing? Or ironically appropriate? #Bahrain Monarch visits #Egypt Tuesday via @TheCairoPost

#Egypt: Multiple arrests, heightened security in downtown Cairo as protests underway via @madamasr

#Egypt activists taken from homes; mass arrests in the run-up to April 25 protests | @EIPR

#Egypt investigates @Reuters journalist over report on Giulio Regeni's murder

Sunday, 24 April 2016

PHOTO GALLERY: Christians in #Egypt celebrate Palm Sunday | #Copts via @ahramonline

Amid political tension over Regeni case, Italian energy projects in #Egypt power ahead via @madamasr

In #Egypt, 11 men sentenced to up to 12 years for “inciting debauchery” after allegedly committing homosexual acts

#Egypt's April 25 protests: Locations announced by Popular Campaign for Preservation of the Land, despite threats

#Egypt's military deploys forces nationwide ahead of Monday's Sinai Liberation Day protests via @ahramonline

#Egypt's Interior Minister warns protesters against crossing 'red line' on Sinai Liberation Day via @egyindependent

Wishing a lovely Palm Sunday to all those celebrating! #Copts #Egypt

#Egypt: "The once-beloved former general appears shocked and angered by the public’s lack of obedience"

No leniency for anyone who breaks law, says #Egypt's interior minister ahead of Monday protests via @ahramonline

War in Sinai echoes strongly in Arish | #Egypt via @madamasr

In new #Egypt textbooks, ‘it’s like the revolution didn’t happen’

#Egypt Police Official Files Complaint Against @Reuters

Saturday, 23 April 2016

#Egypt's press syndicate condemns arrest campaign against journalists, activists via @ahramonline

#Egypt activist Haitham Mohamedein ordered detained 15 days for joining 'unlawful group' via @ahramonline

This big-mouthed puppet has enraged #Egypt’s parliament via @AlMonitor

Khaled Fahmy on "Giulio, the islands and national security" | #Egypt via @madamasr

After nearly 1000 days in prison, hearing adjourned for photojournalist Shawkan | #Egypt via @madamasr

Businessmen compete to control #Egypt parliament's 25 committees via @ahramonline

Committee to Protect Journalists concerned by reports of #Egypt accusations against @Reuters via @pressfreedom

Thursday, 21 April 2016

#Egypt has faced historic shortage of foreign currency since end of last year: Minister of Finance Amr El-Garhy

#Egypt presidency denies report claiming no tolerance for April 25 protests via @madamasr

Three #Egypt intelligence officials & 3 police sources told Reuters police had custody of Giulio Regeni before death

More #Egypt NGOs investigated in foreign funds case incl. Hisham Mubarak Law Centre Cairo Centre for Human Rights

Giulio Regeni killing snares #Egypt family in web of deaths dead ends

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

A Crackdown In #Egypt Reflecting A Broader Trend In The Region

This news item ( from China reminds me of an unforgettable #Egypt TV ad...

Since beginning of #Egypt's academic year campus activities stalled: Students decry security intervention

#Egypt falls again in World Press Freedom Index now ranked 159th according to Reporters Without Borders

#Egypt blasts UN chief for calling for a fair trial for @gamaleid and @hossambahgat in NGO foreign funds case

State Councils administrative court eases restrictions on foreign funding for #Egypt NGOs via @madamasr

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

#Egypt takes harsh line towards artists and authors

Letter to @BarackObama on Halting Military Aid to #Egypt thanks to @abumrouj @jstacher @cjtoensing for taking lead

"The Interior Ministry are thugs" chanted crowd: Riot erupts in #Egypt after policeman kills man over cup of tea

Translated by @abumrouj this @gamaleid piece is a must-read: "#Egypts Hollowed-Out Society"

Monday, 18 April 2016

#Egypt: non-violent, civic engagement has been met with arbitrary arrests & incarceration, disappearances & torture

When Defending Women and their Bodies Becomes A Crime | #Egypt via @nazraegypt

#Egypt parliament warns media against 'exceeding limits' of freedom of speech via @ahramonline

#Egypt's Assoc. for Freedom of Thought & Expression: 98 Friday protesters face charges, 21 in custody via @madamasr

#Egypt scholars urge Obama to support civilian, democratic rule in Egypt by suspending military aid to Sisi gov't

In #Egypt, Tanta University students arrested from homes following campus protests via @madamasr

Over 400 refugees from Somalia, Ethiopia drown in Mediterranean after boats capsize crossing from #Egypt to Italy

Sunday, 17 April 2016

#Egypt's Hollowed-Out Society, by Gamal Eid

Regeni murder casts shadow on French President's #Egypt visit

#Egypt journalist given 5-year sentence for publishing 'false news' via @egyindependent

#Egypt court strips actors, musicians syndicates of arrest powers via @madamasr

Saving Cleopatra: How #Egypt’s animal rescuers battle cruelty and change lives via @ahramonline

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Ahead of French president's visit to #Egypt: Will security trump human rights concerns?

Friday protests never happened for some major #Egypt newspapers

#Egypt protests after el-Sissi gives islands to #Saudi Arabia

Journalists injured, harassed covering protests in #Egypt via @pressfreedom

The islands behind #Egypt's latest protests by @jmaslin

Friday, 15 April 2016

#Egypt protesters subjected to teargas, arrested via @madamasr

#Egypt's arbitrary and unlawful persecution of Gamal Eid and Hossam Baghat must end

Egyptians Denounce President Sisi in Biggest Rally in 2 Years | #Egypt

Italian football league plans protest over death of student in #Egypt

Protesters demand fall of #Egypt's government over islands deal

Thursday, 14 April 2016

A sadly familiar pattern... Sudden 'renovation' of Alexandria's Raml Station | #Egypt

#Egypt's Interior Ministry issues warning not to join Friday protests against Egypt-Saudi island transfer

Passing along AFTE report on #Egypt research: @abumrouj, @ncpratt, @jstacher, @meriponline, @MESA_1966, @cjtoensing

Suspects: the security harassment of foreign researchers in #Egypt | Important report by @afteegypt (cc: @CAF4MESA)

In #Egypt, lawyers appeal detained novelist Ahmed Naji's prison sentence via @madamasr

Churches: As Sacred as Mosques? | #Egypt #Copts

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

#Egypt actor Sayed Zayan dies at 73 via @ahramonline

Demolition of Townhouse Gallery building halted Wed. afternoon after final committee decision | #Egypt via @madamasr

#Egypt court exempts journalist Esraa al-Taweel from parole obligations due to deteriorating health via @madamasr

Facing criticism, #Egypt's Sisi warns of 'evil' conspirators via @dailystarleb

Will #Egypt's schools strip religion from curriculum? | #Copts

Cairo building turns out to be 19th century theatre, not palace | #Egypt via @ahramonline (cc: @SFUhistory)

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

UK Foreign Office calls for 'full' investigation into Regeni's death | #Egypt via @madamasr

As if the islands weren't enough: #Egypt to allocate 500,000 acres of arable land to #Saudi investors

Un journaliste égyptien emprisonné par le pouvoir pour des articles critiques | #Egypt via @libe

Egyptians outraged at plan to transfer Red Sea islands to #Saudi Arabia | #Egypt

Armed police enforce partial demolition of Cairo's Townhouse art gallery | #Egypt

ILO to #Egypt: Stop repressing independent trade unions via @madamasr

Art and Liberty in #Egypt, Today and Yesterday, by Ahmed Naji via @CairoReview

Monday, 11 April 2016

Not only our islands, but an honorary doctorate too?! Cairo University grants King Salman honorary PhD | #Egypt

Will #Egypt-#Saudi deal on Red Sea islands affect Israel peace treaty?

On the question of food | #Egypt

Former #Egypt agriculture minister sentenced to 10 years in jail on corruption charges | Mada Masr

3 people detained for producing documentary on #Egypt's student movement | Mada Masr

#Egypt's parliament to review Red Sea island deal with #Saudi Arabia - Politics - Egypt - Ahram Online

#Egypt hands #Saudi Arabia two islands in gratitude. Egyptians are outraged.

Controversial puppet 'Abla Fahita' to appear in court on June 26 - #Egypt Independent

ILO Director-General expresses concern over freedom of association in #Egypt via @ILO

#Egypt's Ain Shams University launches anti-sexual harassment unit via @TheCairoPost

Article 151 of #Egypt's constitution stipulates that redrawing borders can only take place by public referendum

UN experts urge #Egypt to end ongoing crackdown on human rights defenders and organisations

Egyptians Enraged After Pres. Sisi Handed Over Two Islands To #Saudi Arabia | #Egypt via @magedatef75 @buzzfeednews

Sunday, 10 April 2016

He spoke for a whole six minutes... #Saudi monarch addresses #Egypt parliament

Breakdown of #Egypt-#Saudi financial deals, future investments via @ahramonline

What a headline... #Egypt Gives #Saudi Arabia 2 Islands in a Show of Gratitude

Red Sea Tiran and Sanafir islands fall within #Saudi regional waters: #Egypt's cabinet via @ahramonline

#Egypt has high hopes for tourism despite grim statistics, setbacks

A student's death inflames tension between #Egypt and Italy

#Egypt Football Association not ready to lift crowd ban on domestic football via @ahramonline

#Egypt faces a reckoning over its strongman ways via @torontostar

Italian ambassador departs #Egypt after recall over Regeni case via @madamasr

#Egypt, #Saudi Arabia sign 60 billion Saudi riyal investment fund pact

#Egypt officials suspend demolition of Cairo's Townhouse building: Management via @ahramonline

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Regeni murder: #Egypt rejects Italian request for phone records

#Egypt's finance minister says petroleum subsidies to be slashed

#Egypt mothers call for 'revolution' against school curriculum via @ahramonline

#Egypt’s Pope Tawadros meets #Saudi King Salman in Cairo | #Copts via @ahramonline

#Egypt officially notified of Italy’s decision to recall ambassador for consultation via @ahramonline

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Sharm el-Sheikh tourism collapse hits resort – in pictures | #Egypt

#Egypt court fines former auditing head Hesham Geneina LE20,000 for insulting former Justice Minister via @madamasr

In #Egypt, no one’s Facebook is safe: Screenshots of posts increasingly used as evidence in disciplinary hearings

In #Egypt, Mubarak absent from retrial for killing protesters due to security concerns, case adjourned via @madamasr

Hundreds of migrants arrive in Italy on boat from #Egypt

Tahya Masr: How Sisi bypassed auditing a multi-billion pound fund | #Egypt via @madamasr

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Arrest warrant against journalist Elbalshy dropped: Egypt's press syndicate head - Politics - #Egypt

Alf mabruk to @madamasr! | #IndexAwards2016 #Egypt

#Egypt's Health Ministry tries to close Al-Nadeem Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence, remains open

Giulio Regeni murder: Italy warns #Egypt to speed pace of investigation

On world landmine day, #Egypt maintains dubious top ranking for number of landmines in its soils

#Egypt in the Panama Papers: The full story of the Mubarak sons' tax-sheltered company, by @hossambahgat

Monday, 4 April 2016

#Egypt's population to reach 91 million in June, up from 90 in December via @ahramonline

Foreign-funded NGOs face new attacks from #Egypt MPs via @ahramonline

#Egypt MP Sameh Seif El-Yazel dies after cancer battle via @ahramonline

Italian newspaper sheds light on hundreds of forced disappearances in #Egypt via @madamasr

Giulio Regeni and the others, disappeared in #Egypt

Arrest warrant issued against Khaled al-Balshy for insulting #Egypt's Interior Ministry via @madamasr

Hosni Mubarak's son Alaa among political figures exposed in Panama Papers leak | #Egypt via @madamasr

Giulio Regeni murder: #Egypt postpones Italy meeting as criticism mounts